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Partenone Hotel Rome *

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Via Cristoforo Colombo 193

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Via Cristoforo Colombo 193
Rome, Italy.

The Partenone Hotel Rome is a 3 star Hotel. The rooms quality and hotel location are correct, this Hotel is close to Borghese Gallery, Temple of Concord, Esposizione Universale Roma, and other sights to see.

It is also important the fact that concierge facilities are available to answer all your enquires regarding the city, not only it offers the best airport transportation service. But also its restaurant features great designs and a peaceful atmosphere, in addition to always free access to the modern business center.

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Via Cristoforo Colombo. Il mezzo di trasporto piu vicino e il seguente: Garbatellala struttura e situata nella zona del Colosseo, una delle piu importanti della citta grazie al suo valore storico. Gli ospiti resteranno ammagliati dalle numerose strutture archittettoniche che ricordano lAntica Roma.
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