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Continental Hotel Datong *

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88 Binxi Road (Binxi Lu)

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88 Binxi Road (Binxi Lu)
Datong, China.

The Continental Hotel Datong is a 4 star Hotel. The rooms quality and dinning service are correct

It is also important the fact that the hotel has a comfortable and reliable elevator, but also the best airport shuttle transportation service. In addition to dont miss their breathtaking golf course, on the other hand, its housekeeping services provides a clean environment.

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Continental International Hotel is located at the center of Datong city,surrounding by some famouse places which are the Yungang Caves carved in the Northern Wei Dynasty, Hengshan mountains, the north sacred mountain of China and the Grand Huayan Temple. It will take about 6 minutes if customer drive to hotel from city center. It will take about 20 minutes if customer drive to hotel from airport.
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